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Salina, 1 of 5 considered

    In early 1964, the American Numismatic Association (ANA) notified all members and member clubs of it's intent to move the headquarters from Phoenix, Arizona to a new location and polled the local and state organizations to submit suitable sites. Phoenix was used as the headquarters because Don Sherer, the Executive Secretary at the time, lived there. A Headquarters Fund was established to help the ANA in this relocation.
    At various meetings, the Salina Coin Club had discussed the pros and cons of this location move. At the October 5th, 1964 meeting, the Salina club membership voted to have Salina considered as the permanent home for the ANA. The club formed an ANA Site Committee comprised of some very prominent and influential Businessmen and Doctors from the community. The Site Committee, along with the Salina Chamber of Commerce, prepared special brochures pointing out the advantages of Salina and it's central location in the nation.
    On October 22nd, 1964, the brochures and a letter were sent to the ANA requesting to have Salina considered as the new ANA home. The Site Committee also enclosed a check for $140.00 ($2.00 per member) as a donation to the Headquarters Fund. They also extended an invitation to the ANA Selection Committee to visit Salina and look over some proposed locations.
    A letter of thanks, dated October 26th, 1964, was received from the ANA Board of Governors acknowledging the club's donation.
    A second letter dated October 30th, 1964, was received from the Home and Headquarters Chairman, also expressing thanks for the donation. This letter stated that Salina was 1 of 5 sites still being considered. The others were: Wichita, Ks.; Kansas City, Mo.; Oklahoma City, Ok. and Colorado Springs, Co.
    At the February 2nd, 1965 meeting, the club ANA Site Committee reported to the membership that our bid for the ANA Headquarters looked very bleak. The ANA Board of Governors had attached many stipulations to their requirements on a location. They were now requesting land for the building site and a special bond being issued to aid on the construction of the new headquarters. The Salina Chamber of Commerce was already dreading the closure of Schilling Air Force Base and was unwilling to commit to promoting this special City bond.
    Later in 1965, a letter was sent by the ANA to all members and member clubs, informing them that Colorado Springs, Co. was selected as the permanent home for the ANA.
    One can only imagine what Salina would look like today, if we had been selected for that new headquarters. Imagine the size of our Coin Shows and the influx of business and dollars that such a site would have produced. Imagine driving a few blocks to view multi-million dollar Gold Collections or viewing the famous multi-million dollar 1913 Nickel, or any of the many Rarities that are often displayed.   Of course, this is a moot point now, BUT, it was a Salina Coin Club dream for a while.

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