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Program Schedule for 2021

January 20th Membership Discuss new year and Officer Elections

February 17th Keith. R Roosevelt Dimes (all types-Silver and Clad)

March 17th Steve C. Federal Reserve Banks

April 16th Salina Coin Club Coin Show @ VFW 1108 W. Crawford 9:00 am Saturday April 16th, 2022

May 19th Jeff N. Coin Conservation

June 16th Joe A. Notgeld, Kriegsgeld, Notmunze (Paper and Coin)

July 21st BradB. Type Collecting (Bring a questionable coin for appraisal)

August 18th Denny S. Coin Roll Collecting & Searching

September 15th Members Annual Picnic-- Bring side dishes and desserts. First Christian Church

October 20th Larry H. Still brewing something special

November 17th Jeff N. Club Coin Auction

December 15th Joe A. Christmas Dinner//Program

Volunteer list for meeting treats

Jan. -- Joe Feb. -- Brad Mar. -- Mark

Apr. -- None May -- Delbert Jun. -- John C.

Jul. -- Brad Aug. -- Denny Sept. -- Picnic

Oct. -- Larry Nov. -- None Dec.--Christmas Dinner

Any programs which are not detailed in the program schedule will be updated in the Club Newsletter as details are available.