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Coin Club Bid Board

The Club Bid Board functions as a Silent Auction. Numismatic items are listed on bid sheets with a minimum price, condition of item and any other pertinent feature. Bids are entered as members or guests see fit. The Bid Board is only open before and after the Club meeting. Approximately fifteen minutes after adjournment, the Board is closed. A Club officer takes payment for purchased items and unsold items are reclaimed by their owners. Only Club members may place items for sale on the Bid Board.

Many members find the Bid Board is a great outlet for selling duplicates or items that they have upgraded. The Board activity seems to stay fairly brisk and many good sales are made.

A 10% fee is charged on all sold items up to a $1.00 maximum. These fees are deposited in the Club Treasury.

The Bid Board is a monthly activity with the exception of the Club Annual Picnic, Club Auction and Christmas Dinner.