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Salina Coin Club

Coin Grading

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Member participation event

Grading sessions are conducted prior to regular meeting times and usually start at 6:00 pm at the Ashby House. The following is the schedule for 2018. January was used to set this schedule.

February.....Large Cents. Bring at least 3 specimen for grading.
March.........Indian Head Cents.  (3 for grading).
April............Foreign Coins. This a wide area, so bring what you have.
May............Seated Liberty & Barber Halves. (a couple of each).
June...........Seated Liberty & Barber Quarters. (a couple of each).
July.............Seated Liberty & Barber Dimes. (a couple of each).
August........No grading due to Club auction.
September  No grading due to Club picnic.
October......Gold Coins. Any denomination, bring if you have any.
November,, Dollars. All varieties, so bring what you like.
December.. No grading due to Club Annual Dinner.

Additional Meetings

We are starting a new series of meetings which will be a copy of a monthly book club. The meeting will be at our regular meeting location, and time. Six pm at the Ashby House of Salina. A lunch will be chipped in on, while we conduct our session. A certain coin or set of coins will be chosen and all participants will do research on this subject, than it will be discussed at the meeting. This allows a deeper study of a subject without the usual interruptions of a regular meeting. Give this a try, we are sure you will enjoy this. 

For anyone interested in trying your hand at grading, the ANA has a grading game available to try out your skills. Find this game at::    Click the link below and give it a try and enjoy. It's not as easy as it looks.

ANA Grading Game