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Salina Coin Club


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Program Schedule for 2017

  • Jan.   19    Duane H.   The wizard of Oz
Feb.   16    Francis H.  1976 Eisenhower Dollars Centennial Coins.
Mar.   16    Larry H.      Jefferson Nickels
Apr.   20     Don T.        Imperfect Coins
May   15    Francis H.   Show N' Tell (member participation requested)
Jun.   15    Larry H.      Type Sets.
Jul.    20    Don T.         Masonic Pennies (bring some if you have them)
Aug   17    Jeff N.         Annual Club auction ... details in a later Newsletter.
Sep.  21    Carl A.         Annual Club Picnic...more on this later.
Oct.  19     Brad B.        A Memorable Experience.. Don't miss this!!!
Nov.  17    Jon S.          Another Great Mystery Program
Dec.  21   Joe A.          Christmas Dinner // Program. Location and program presenter
                                     will be given in a later Newsletter.

Volunteer list for treats

Jan--  Brad B.                Feb-- Art L.                   Mar-- David H.

Apr-- Carl A.                  May-- Bruce K.              Jun-- Delbert W.

Jul--   Don T.                 Aug-- Keith R.               Sep-- Picnic (members provide extras)

Oct--  Duane H.             Nov-- Joe A.                  Dec-- Christmas Dinner

Any programs which are not detailed in the program schedule will be updated in the Club Newsletter as details are available.