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Salina Coin Club

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History of Salina Coin Club
   The Salina Coin Club was formed in 1949. The membership was comprised of collectors and businessmen from a wide area of North Central Kansas. That same year our Club joined the ANA (American Numismatic Association) and has been a continous member since. During those early years, the membership included many active duty military personel stationed at Smoky Hill Air Base and the head count was around 60 members. In 1964 the numbers swelled to over 70. A few of those members are still in our Club today.
   The Base name was later changed to Schilling Air Force Base and in 1965, the Air Force announced that Schilling was on a list of bases that were to be closed. In 1972, six years after the base closure, the member count had dropped drastically and a motion was made to suspend all club activities due to lack of interest and participation. In May of 1972, a sale of club assets was held and the proceeds were deposited into a CD at a local bank. The interest of this account was used to keep the club dues to ANA up to date. One of the five Board of Trustees assigned to maintain this account is still an active member of our club.
   In September of 1988, the Salina Coin Club was re-organized and we have been holding regular meetings since.

Our Mission

To promote the Numismatic hobby through education and participation.

 Club membership dues are $12.00 per year (this is easily recovered through the many activities provided).

Becoming a member:
Membership applications are often placed at local auction sites and are also available at S&P Coin Shop, 123 S. Santa Fe in Salina, KS. OR Send a note to the address listed below with a contact method (phone or e-mail) and we will promptly contact you with further information.

Organization News: The Salina Coin Club publishes a monthly Newletter with Minutes of the last Meeting and any announcement informative to the membership. The upcoming program is also noted.

Salina Coin Club meetings are on the 3rd Thursday of every month at the Belmont Blvd. Christian Church at 2508 Belmont Boulevard in Salina KS. Meetings start at 7:30 pm.  Guests are always welcome.

Exceptions: The annual Picnic and Christmas Dinner. Times and locations vary.

Mailing Address:

Salina Coin Club
PO Box 1111
Salina KS 67402-1111

Phone: none at this time